Nathania Bestwick | 7 December 2022 | 2 min read
COLO-COHORT study featured in Parabola’s Edinburgh Park
COLO-COHORT sponsor Parabola have featured the study on a bench in Edinburgh Park, their newly developed urban quarter in Edinburgh.

Parabola is a privately owned real estate development and investment group based in Edinburgh, Newcastle and London whose mission is to accommodate people and organisations in high-quality, safe, friendly and enriching environments. They have established the Parabola Foundation in order to support projects that are of benefit to the public, including what they describe as the “life-saving” research into bowel cancer that is being undertaken by the COLO-COHORT study.

Edinburgh Park is an innovative development that includes residential boulevards and green squares, sustainable offices, leisure facilities, cultural events and an arts trail. The COLO-COHORT bench is located in a civic square surrounding 1 New Park Square, a flagship office development in Edinburgh Park comprised of a net zero carbon office building that is powered by renewable energy. On the bench, an image of members of the COLO-COHORT team is accompanied by the following message:

44,000 people are diagnosed in the UK each year from bowel cancer with 16,000 dying (that is 44 dying every day). Bowel cancer deaths are largely preventable as we can prevent it through lifestyle measures, through detection and removal of pre-cancerous polyps in the bowel and through early diagnosis. Parabola are funding the COLO-COHORT study which is led by Newcastle University. COLO-COHORT seeks to better identify risk factors for bowel cancer and polyps so that patients may be diagnosed earlier with cancer and cancer deaths prevented.

The COLO-SPEED team is delighted at the COLO-COHORT study receiving publicity in this pioneering sustainable urban quarter and, as always, are incredibly grateful to Parabola for their ongoing support of our research.

For more information, please visit the Edinburgh Park and Parabola websites. For more information on COLO-COHORT, please visit the study page below.

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