The ICE Study
Impact of COVID-19 on Endoscopy
Dr Christina Dobson – Newcastle University
The ICE study aims to understand the reasons why people were/are not comfortable attending endoscopy during this time, as well as exploring the decision-making and experiences of those who did choose to undergo their procedure. We will gather this information using interview as part of a qualitative research study.
Status: Data analysis/reporting
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Endoscopy is central to the diagnosis and treatment of a range of different gastrointestinal diseases, including cancer. At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic endoscopy services were temporarily suspended, but from the 1st May 2020 procedures resumed, with additional protective measures in place. It quickly became evident that many patients were not willing to undergo an endoscopic procedure and the levels of endoscopy being performed still remain significantly lower than pre-COVID-19 levels.

The ICE study will help us to identify what could be done to encourage and reassure patients to attend, as well as make the endoscopy experience better for patients during the current, and future, phases of the pandemic. We will interview people who attended, as well as those who declined, a range of endoscopic procedures (i.e. colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, ERCP and OGD) since May 2020, from 6 endoscopy units across England.

The ICE Study is a sub-study of COLO-COHORT.

  • Dr Christina Dobson
  • Professor Linda Sharp
  • Professor Colin Rees
Study Sponsor:
  • South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust
Funded By:
  • Guts UK Parabola Foundation grant
Opened sites:
  • South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust
Opening sites:
  • The Newcastle-upon-Tyne NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
  • King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • University Hospital’s Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
  • John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust
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