COLO-SPEED was devised by a group of keen bowel cancer researchers and funded with a grant of £985,000 from NHS cancer charity, the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. COLO-SPEED aims to be the world largest research platform developing and delivering bowel cancer research, within bowel cancer screening, prevention, and early diagnosis.

Our Mission Statement

COLO-SPEED will transform endoscopy units into colorectal cancer research recruitment centres, building the world’s largest ‘experimental platform’ for colorectal cancer prevention and research. Patients attending endoscopy will be invited to participate in colorectal research, either by directly entering a specific research study and/or consenting to be contacted in the future about suitable research studies. This unique resource will enable efficient delivery of cutting-edge research.

This experimental platform will provide a resource for clinicians (doctors and nurses), researchers, industry and (we hope, in due course) patients, to propose research studies and for these to be conducted rapidly. We are working with North Lab, a world-leading group with a strong track record in developing user-friendly applications of new technology, to design an IT platform to host the information from patients who agree to take part in COLO-SPEED.

About Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer, also called Colorectal Cancer (CRC), is the fourth most common cancer and the second most common cancer death in the UK. It is more common in older individuals, those with a family history of bowel cancer, or those with inflammatory bowel disease. In some individuals it may cause no symptoms, or may cause bleeding from the back passage, abdominal pain, change in bowel habit or weight loss. This is usually investigated with a camera which is inserted into the bowel through the back passage to examine the large bowel, otherwise known as a colonoscopy.

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Who are we
Professor Colin Rees
Professor Colin Rees
Professor of Gastroenterology, Newcastle University
Professor Linda Sharp
Professor Linda Sharp
Professor of Cancer Epidemiology, Newcastle University
Professor Mark Hull
Professor Mark Hull
Professor of Molecular Gastroenterology, University of Leeds
Dr Kyle Montague
Dr Kyle Montague
Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, Northumbria University
Miss Farhat Din
Miss Farhat Din
Senior Lecturer & CSO Senior Clinical Fellow, University of Edinburgh
Dr Suparna Mitra
Dr Suparna Mitra
Academic Fellow, University of Leeds
Dr Laura Neilson
Dr Laura Neilson
Consultant Gastroenterologist, South Tyneside Hospital
Dr Sara Koo
Dr Sara Koo
Gastroenterology Registrar, Cumberland Infirmary
Dr James Hampton
Dr James Hampton
Clinical Research Fellow, South Tyneside Hospital
Ingrid Emmerson
Ingrid Emmerson
Lead Research Nurse, South Tyneside Hospital
Dalya Al-Shahrabi
Dalya Al-Shahrabi
Research Software Engineer, Newcastle University
Amy Burns
Amy Burns
Research Project Manager, South Tyneside and Sunderland Foundation Trust
Nathania Bestwick
Nathania Bestwick
Research Administrator, Newcastle University
John Whelpton
John Whelpton
Patient and Public Involvement Lead
Dr Barry Sandywell
Dr Barry Sandywell
Patient and Public Involvement Lead
COLO-SPEED has been developed by a wide team of collaborators who share the goal of stopping unnecessary deaths from colorectal cancer.
North East England
  • Colin Rees
  • Linda Sharp
  • John Burn
  • Matt Rutter
  • Allyson Pollock
  • Seamus Kelly
  • Greg Rubin
  • John Mathers
  • Luke Vale
  • Dawn Craig
  • Michael Trenell
  • Kyle Montague
  • Falko Sniehotta
  • James Wasson
  • John Saxton
North West England and Yorkshire
  • Mark Hull
  • Tim Bishop
  • Jonathan Sheffield (NIHR)
  • Nick West
  • Anne Mackie (BCSP and PHE)
  • John Mclaughlin
  • Chris Probert
Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Farhat Din
  • Malcolm Dunlop
  • Peter Hall
  • John Norrie
  • Bob Steele
  • Annie Anderson
  • Owen Sansom
  • Vicky Coyle
  • Ian Tomlinson
  • Siwan Thomas Gibson
  • Amanda Cross
  • Kevin Monahan
  • Christian Von Wagner
  • Ruth Langley
  • Richard Houlston
  • Celia Ingham Clark
Central-South England and Wales
  • Karen Brown
  • Matt Brookes
  • Willie Hamilton
  • Sunil Dolwani
  • Dean Harris
  • Simon Leedham
  • Roger Blanks
  • Robert Arnott
  • Evelien Dekker
  • Paul Fockens
  • Patrick Bossuyt
  • Monique Van Leerdam
  • Hans Clevers
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