Study of Prevention by Aspirin and EPA; Knowledge of Mechanism of Action
Professor Mark Hull – University of Leeds
Status: Active (Biobank and Big Data study)
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The STOP-ADENOMA study follows on from a completed clinical trial called seAFOod, in which we tested whether aspirin and the omega-3 EPA, alone or together, prevent bowel polyps (which are known to progress to cancer if left unchecked). Both aspirin and EPA prevented polyps but only in certain circumstances depending on where in the bowel the polyps were and which type of polyp. In STOP-ADENOMA, we are analysing patient blood, urine and bowel samples in order to understand more about why aspirin and EPA work selectively. We are also working with Bowel Cancer Intelligence in order to analyse data about what was found at future colonoscopies that seAFOod patients received.

  • Dr Louise Brown
  • Professor Eva Morris
  • Professor Paul Loadman
  • Dr Liz Williams
  • Professor Colin Rees
Study Sponsor:
  • Leeds University
Funded By:
  • NIHR - National Institute for Health Research
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