Sarah Manning | 20 February 2023 | 2 min read
Cancer Prevention Action Week 2023
Here at COLO-SPEED, from the 20-26th February 2023, we will be supporting the World Cancer Research Fund's Cancer Prevention Action Week!

This year’s CPAW theme is to highlight the link between processed meat and bowel cancer – with their #SarnieSwap campaign encouraging people swap out the processed meat in their diet for healthier alternatives.

There are 5 key messages for #CPAW23:

  • 40% of cancer cases diagnosed could be prevented
  • 54% of bowel cancer cases are preventable
  • Global research shows that on average people who regularly eat processed meat have a 16% increased risk of developing bowel cancer for every 50g that they eat (which is equivalent to the average slice of ham), compared with those who do not eat processed meat
  • To reduce the risk of bowel cancer we recommend you reduce the amount of processed meat you eat on a regular basis, and ideally remove it from your diet completely
  • Reducing your consumption of processed meat is one of World Cancer Research Fund’s Cancer Prevention Recommendations

Clearly these messages are strongly aligned with our goals here at COLO-SPEED, as our aim is to stop people dying of bowel cancer (the fourth most common cancer and the second most common cancer death in the UK).

Although this year #CPAW23 is focusing specifically on red and processed meat, remember that there are other recommendations from the World Cancer Research Fund about how to reduce your risk of bowel cancer. These are:

  • Aim to maintain a healthy weight and be more active
  • Increase your intake of wholegrains, vegetables, fruit and pulses
  • Avoid high calorie foods
  • Limit sugary drinks and alcohol
  • Avoid smoking

The COLO-SPEED team will be doing a #SarnieSwap on Monday, will you?! Use the hashtag to share your processed-meat-free sarnies!

To learn more, visit the CPAW23 web page.

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